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We are very excited to share a new feature from Book Creator!

Auntie is Beta-testing the "read your book online" feature. 
You can read this "Mini Book" online-- seriously, you can turn the pages!

Click on the picture or use this link:


... and THEN...

Click on the photo to see the first "Annual Report" of 

The Little Museum!


This was also done with Book Creator and the new feature (Auntie is beta-testing it) that allows you to publish your books online-- and READ them real-time on the Internet. Be sure to note that there is actually a video embedded in the book!


Click here to learn about the Book Creator app.

Thought I would leave this up a little longer! 

Happy Holidays to all of you visiting here! Stop back in the new year for some exciting new HowTo ideas!

Auntie's video shows off how HyperDuino can be used for lighting LEDs using T-pins on the tiny piano keys! 

(note: I am playing the notes with my left hand because my right hand was holding the camera!)

The clapping animation was done in HyperStudio and the movie edited in iMovie. 

So much fun!!!!

HI-- Thanks for stopping by!   You have come to the right place!

Aunt Goodiebags is here to help and to inspire you to use your technology--

                                                              and to encourage you to add the ART to S.T.E.A.M. projects.

You may have heard the name--  Arduino -- and not figured out how to use it (or even what it does!_

HyperDuino is the best way to get started.  Auntie LOVES making projects with HyperDuino.    


Check out The Little Museum   --our latest adventure-- using HyperDuino!


also check out the rough draft of our new BLOG feature ----> Click here to see it


This is our 

HyperDuino Pinball Game being shown at Booth 1757 at the ISTE Conference in June.

The Paintings Game

uses HyperDuino to enhance a lesson from my days an Elementary (preK-6)

Art Teacher!



Check THIS out!!!



Steve Dembo used Auntie's

HyperDuino Presentation Book Kit

in his ISTE 2016 presentation! 

Thank you Roger Wagner and Steve Dembo!!!

The Little Museum is celebrating a year on the Web! 

Stop by for a piece of "virtual" cake!

Click on the link above.

For any of you who have been here before... you will notice that we have done a major overhaul of the site.

Some of your favorite parts may not be where you expect them to be and others may be missing.

Do not worry. We will be adding back many of the sections soon. Right now we are trying out  the new look.  

Hope you like it!       Send us a note using the message block at the bottom of the page.


Aunt Goodiebags is taking a stand!

All the talk in the schools and in the Maker Movement is about  S.T.E.M.

(S.T.E.M.= Science+Technology+Electronics+Math)


 Some people talk of adding an "A" for ArtS...     Auntie is sticking to the things she knows best!

(and to the ART part --and the  technology part-- that she knows how to teach)

 We are developing some new kits to help you with the "art part" of S.T.E.A.M.

 Keep in mind that   Learning Should Always be an Adventure!


HyperDuino Presentation Book Kit
HyperDuino Presentation Book Kit



 HyperDuino Presentation Book Kit

This kit is designed to help you construct a tiny book

to "dress-up" your HyperDuino projects! 

Your HyperDuino is protected behind the "page" of the book.

NOTE: The kit does NOT include an Arduino or HyperDuino!


<-- Click on the photo to learn more!


This movie will show you a little bit about HyperDuino and some of the projects.

(NOTE: If you are testing the HyperDuino Little Insert-- this is the movie you need.)

For all of you who are starting HyperDuino projects...

Check out some of Auntie's Ideas and HowTos      

    <---- by clicking on the image

(or using the "HyperDuino" and "Auntie's Idea Lab" links

on the Navigation Menu at the top of this page.)

WhoooHoooo! Aunt Goodiebags and Nancy

have been named to be Book Creator Ambassadors !

(You KNOW we LOVE Book Creator! In fact, we used it to create our "I do NOT want to go to SLEEP!" eBook!)


<--  Click on the Book Creator Image to go directly to Auntie's Idea Lab where there for additional information.




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