The Little Museum Ideas

This section will provide ideas for YOU to set up your OWN little museum!

We are in the process of putting this section together... 

This is The Little Museum with several of the "wings" connected (we used tiny Velcro tabs so the pieces could be changed easily).

This is one section (or "wing") of The Little Museum.

It is about a Cabinet of Curiosities.

Treasured items are displayed and images are linked

to more information on the web.


Auntie is pointing to a light-sensitive HyperDuino sensor. 

When you cover the sensor (to cut off the light), you connect to more information on your computer.


In our latest display we set the sensors to react to really BRIGHT light by changing the settings to react to the bright light of a tiny flashlight! It added a fun element to viewing of the exhibit. It also made it easy to move the exhibit to locations with different amounts of brightness/darkness without having to change the HyperDuino settings.