Update: HyperDuino Ideas Book


Almost ready !  

The new HyperDuino Ideas book will be available

within the next few weeks. 





HyperDuino is a tiny board that piggy-backs onto an Arduino. You can use this to add lights and links to projects in your classes. 

Go to "Coming Soon!" on the MenuBar for links to samples of our soon-to-be published book!


Here are a few hints if you are already using HyperDuino... more soon!!!


Tape everything!!!


Protect your HyperDuino

(We add a small Jewelry box to our displays to keep the HyperDuino from bouncing around in the project!)





Label everything!!!

We use masking tape to label all the wires. It really helps !






... and remember that

Learning... and HyperDuino...

should ALWAYS  be an Adventure!!!