Here is a slideshow of some pictures taken from inside the HyperDuino Ideas book!

HyperDuino Ideas-- Contents


     HyperDuino Ideas


HyperDuino HowTo 





 1.   Getting Started with HyperDuino

  2.   A Shared Vocabulary

  3.   Setting up HyperDuino with Battery 

  4.   Setting up HyperDuino with Computers

   5.   Building a HyperDuino Project

  6.   Wires 

  7.   Tools 

  8.   Organization 

  9.   Safety 

10.   Some Things to Think About 


    HyperDuino Ideas







  1.   MakerSpaces: Living with Mess

  2.   Display / Design 

  3.   Paper

  4.   Sticky Stuff

  5.   Working with Cardboard

  6.   Paint

  7.   Documentation 

  8.   Clip Art File Idea

  9.   Evaluation: A Good BAD Example

10.   Some Things to Think About


HyperDuino Ideas


  Project Ideas 





HyperDuino with 9 volt Battery

  1.  Button Box

  2.  Emily’s Sight Words Book (and Quiz Boards)

  3.  The Piano

  4.  Pinball

HyperDuino with Computer

   5.   The Little Museum

  6.   Steampunk Sample Book

  7.   The Paintings Game

  8.   Artist Report Books

  9.   The Clicker

10.   Some Things to Think About


Workshop Ideas

You can download the Vocabulary section of the HyperDuino Ideas book here:

HyperDuino Ideas- Vocabulary
This is a PDF of the Vocabulary Section of HyperDuino Ideas.
Vocabulary PDF webpage.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.4 MB