Let's see....    about US...

Aunt Goodiebags is a character that lives in the computers and other gadgets and Dr. Nancy Smith is... me.

We are in Syracuse, NY.


This website has been a challenge and is still in production.

I used to write the page in HTML...  that was fun and kind of magic.

Then I had to use Apple's iWeb when AOL stopped hosting web pages. Another thing to learn.

Then when Apple abandoned us... we moved to Jimdo.com for hosting.


Jimdo (my web hosting/design site) is great.

BUT it is another learning experience for me.

I am slowly getting it done but since there are sooooo many options...


Thanks for being patient!

Book Expo NYC
Book Expo NYC


"I do NOT want to go to SLEEP!" (and Nancy)

made it to the Book Expo in NYC a few years ago!!

The book was RIGHT IN FRONT in the display area! Looked good!

The Expo was unreal. Lots of things to see and people to talk to...

It was great!