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HyperDuino Ideas

by Dr. Nancy Smith and Aunt Goodiebags


Color     5" x 8"     216 pages (Perfect Bound)

ISBN:   978-0-9883556-1-3

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About the HyperDuino Ideas book:


HyperDuino is a tiny circuit board that attaches to an Arduino and allows the user a way of getting started with S.T.E.A.M. projects. This book will get you familiar with working with HyperDuino and encourage you to add this technology to your projects. The book is divided into three sections: HyperDuino HowTo; Art and Design; Project Ideas (with ideas for projects to use in workshops). You start with a simple exercise to show how the HyperDuino controls LEDs with a 9-volt battery. Later you will learn about attaching the HyperDuino to a computer or ChromeBook for more projects and how to create a Playlist. You will start your journey with HyperDuino basics, move on to design and art tips and then see some project ideas. 



I do NOT want to go to SLEEP!

Hardcover  24 pages

SPECIAL: includes a CD containing the ePub version 

Regular price: $16.99 

This hardcover book was designed on HyperStudio. The CD includes an ebook made with Book Creator and a movie done using Apple's iMovie. Original music by Nick Gentile.

Special price!: $12.00

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HyperDuino Presentation Book Kit

Retail price:  $19.95

This kit will show you how to make a cardboard "presentation book" to use in your creating your HyperDuino projects.

Special Price: $12.00

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