HyperDuino Presentation Book Kit

This kit contains materials and instructions needed to complete your own 

cardboard Presentation Book to use with your HyperDuino projects. 

An info sheet is included with detailed measurements so you can make additional books from your own cardboard scrap materials. *

(NOTE: you will need to provide white glue, scissors and tape)


NOTE: The kit does NOT include an Arduino or HyperDuino!



Retail price:  $19.95

special webstore pricing: $12.00 + $3 shipping


A blank FoamCore "page" is included in the kit. You can add your own text and sensors to connect to your project.

This photo shows a page that was used in a presentation of some of the objects depicted in the painting "The Ambassadors" in The Little Museum exhibit (The original painting is in the National Gallery in London). 

The book was used in the presentation and then later was available for visitors to explore the information at their own pace. 

HyperDuino Presentation Book Kit

This kit contains the materials and instructions for making your own HyperDuino Presentation Book.

NOTE: The kit does NOT include an Arduino or HyperDuino!



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