"I do NOT want to go to SLEEP!"  - Hardcover Edition

Hardcover Edition
Hardcover Edition

When our grand-niece Marissa was small she never wanted to go to sleep. Too many thngs to do... too many new adventures to explore.

I wrote this book for her first birthday. The original book was done with cut paper illustrations. Everyone loved the book and I decided to re-establish my tiny publishing company to make the book available to all of you! 


I used HyperStudio to create the images and later to assemble the animations that appear in the iBook. I used the Book Creator app to put it all together and export the project to the iBookstore!


Publishing is undergoing a tremendous change and this has been a real adventure. First the printing of hardcover books wih full color illustrations has changed. In the "olden" days the books would have to be printed in HUGE quantities and it was a nightmare for small publishers. Now it is a bit easier... but still not easy!  LOL!


The iBook/eBook presented more challenges.

But the thought of the book on iPads and iPhones all over the world is so exciting

and the struggle to get it together was worth it!


8' x 8"

24 Pages

ISBN:  978-0-9639745-7-0

Retail Price:  $16.99    (on sale for $12 if ordered here) 



Hardcover Edition

Hardcover Book



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We have been hearing nice things.....



"This is the BEST book I ever read!   AND I can even read it by MYSELF!"      .... M.K., age 6


My 2 l/2 year old granddaughter has most of the story memorized


and can almost read the story to anyone who will listen.   

My daughter is three and takes it with her EVERYWHERE!"  



"I NEED another book for a birthday party... " 

"I can even read this to my little sister.. and to my Gramma!"          D.M., age 7


"The kids sing the song every night when they brush their teeth!"